Discord Rich Presence
for Guild Wars 2

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MD5 Installer: 687d86f62a9723cd9c61b645d10e0cb1

MD5 zip: eb45b527682432906187cbd543add1b7f



Simply run the gw2rpc.exe . It will start in your system tray. It needs to be running in background for Rich Presence to work.

In the config.ini in the program's directory, you can input your API key so that your status can display region (EU/NA) and your current guild tag.

To make starting Rich Presence easier, there is an .exe called launch_gw2_with_rpc.exe included in the download. This script launches both GW2 and the RPC addon. For it to work, it needs to be present in GW2FOLDER\addons\gw2rpc . You may then replace your normal GW2 shortcut with it for ease of launching.

You can also put a shortcut to gw2rpc.exe into your autorun so that it runs automatically on Windows boot.


GW2RPC will remain free to use and continues to run with kind donations and volunteer contributions.

If you enjoy using GW2RPC, please consider donating to fund future development!

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Q: Can I get banned for this?

A: No, it doesn't interact with the game in any way - it utilizes the Mumble API to get the necessary data.

Q: What API permissions are required for the API key?

A: Currently characters, builds, and account are neccesary. In the future more may be added for more features.

Q: How can i use command line arguments with launch_gw2_With_rpc.exe?

A: Via a file called Settings.json. See the wiki page for more info.

Q: Can I use multiple API keys if I have many accounts?

A: You can use multiple API keys by separating them via comma in config.ini. No restart needed when switching accounts. They are only necessary to get your guild and region (EU/NA) and are optional.

Q: Can I disable Points of Interest display?

A: There are options in config.ini for disabling it either completely or in WvW

Q: Is GW2RPC open source?

A: Yes, repository is available here

Q: How do I set up multiboxing?

A: Use the -mumble config parameter for GW2. This can also easily be set up in GW2Launcher.

Q: How do I set up the raid announcer?

A: Create a Discord webhook for your channel and enter the URL in the config.ini after 'webhooks = '. Several webhooks can be specified by separating them with a comma. Make sure that AnnounceRaids is set to true in the config.

Q: How do I disable a set up Raid announcer?

A: Right click the GW2RPC tray icon and click on "Announce Raids:" to toggle it on and off. This option is only available if a webhook is configured.



9 January 2023

Fixed a crash if discord is started after GW2RPC which only occured occasionally

Fixed a crash if character and instance name exceed 128 bytes

Fixed a crash if discord is started after GW2RPC

Updated dependencies

Updates Discord SDK lib

Updated translations

GW2RPC installer now autodetects install dir of GW2


4 July 2022

Reduced CPU usage by a lot


1 July 2022

Now displaying nearly in real-time

More performance through caching of many API calls

pt-br locale added (Thanks to Komashi)

Translations updated

All fractal bosses included (Thanks to Poiison)

Debugging mode added: Config flag `loglevel`

Fixed a crash if config does not exist

Fixed a crash of malformed config files

Fixed a crash of different capitalization of Gw2-64.exe


05 March 2022

Added Discord Webhook Raid Announcer

Fixed a crash when flying a jade bot


18 February 2022

Multiboxing support: Every instance has to have an unqiue MumbleLink ID, which can be specified with the `-mumble` config parameter. This can also be activated in the settings of gw2launcher. (Thanks to writzx)

Return to "in character selection" if you log out from a character and remain in character selection. Previously this was stuck on displaying the last played character until you log in with another one. (Thanks to PR from BenLubar)

Display an emoji (⚔️) behind your character name if you are currently in combat in game.

Display currently used mount, can be deactivated in config file.

Display a button in Discord, which leads you to a website for easily copy-pasting the chat link of the closest point of interest next to you for others. as well as a whisper string. Can be deactivated in config file.

Display fractal (CM) boss images

Only one instance of `gw2rpc.exe` will be active at a time now. If you start it again and another instance is already running, it will terminate.

Fixed a crash with malformed json data

Fixed a crash when quickly switching between multiboxed instances (Thanks to Breaking)

Fixed a crash when connection to GW2 API or GW2RPC API could not be established due to client side limitations (proxy or firewall) (Thanks to TEnn)

Fixed a crash when GW2 crashes (Thanks to Rengo)

Fix timestamps / duration of fractal boss encounters (Thanks to Trinterin)

Fixed images for strike bosses (API)

Added images for Dragonfall, Dragonstorm, Cold War (API)

Updated translations


17 December 2021

Added commander mode. Configurable in config

Reworked elite specializations: Will now display without an active GW2 API key

Added elite specs for EoD

Updated translations for raids and new elite specializations

Added missing images for some strike missions, W7 and EotN

Fixed a crash when using core professions

Fixed a rare crash when keeping GW2RPC open for a long time


8 June 2021

Added localization for en, es, de, fr

Added fractal mode


11 July 2018

Added raid mode

Added multi API key support by separating via comma

Added nearest point of interest display on map hover

Fixed status not properly clearing on exit

Fixed crashes

Update your config.ini to newest one!


14 January 2018

Fixed all known crashes


29 December 2017

Add a setting to display guild tag next to character name - DisplayGuildTag under [Settings] header in config.ini

Add a setting to automatically close the program when GW2 exits - CloseWithGw2 under [Settings] header in config.ini

Fix for crash on certain instances

Fix for not properly exiting on crash


19 December 2017

First full release


17 December 2017

Performance improvements

Region display (EU/NA) on hover

Expand context menu

Fix for status not updating under certain circumstances


14 December 2017

Added automatic update checking. Does not auto update!

Improved logging of errors

Added regions (default images for instances)

A notification should GW2RPC crash

Also, all wintersday activities now have images


12 December 2017

GW2RPC now resides in the system tray - there is no console window anymore.

With this update, there is a new .exe, called GW2_with_rpc.exe This is a convenience script to launch both GW2 and RPC in one click

For it to work, it needs to be present in %GW2FOLDER%\addons\gw2rpc\ along with gw2rpc.exe.

You can replace your normal GW2 shortcut with it for easy launch by rightclicking > create shortcut.


5 December 2017

New web registry - new maps can be added without needing to update the client

Which also means all raids are have working images now

Fractal name display in FOTM (Thanks to QuitarHero)

Performance improvements